Spiritual Counseling

Whether you have been engaged in a spiritual practice for decades, or have just been woken up to the implications of the world of spirit in your life, I can help. I don’t claim any particular domain over spiritual insight, but rather, seek to help people make sense of and deepen their connection to the spiritual dimension of existence.

As a practicing Buddhist, I have worked consistently to integrate my spiritual life with the oridnary; holding a personal value that my spiritual practice be in service of other core values I hold of compassion, connection, humility and grace. I would much rather connect deeply with the present moment in a cup of tea or a conversation with a stranger, than spin off on an intellectual deconstruction of esoteric theology.

I have helped people of many faiths discover deeper layers of understanding and integration of their spiritual lives, and I do not discriminate one faith as better, or more accurate, than any other. I approach my work in the spiritual dimension as a domain that, when firmly rooted and well integrated, informs and gives new layers of meaning to all other domains in our life.

I would be delighted and honored to help you uncover, rediscover, or plumb new depths of your spiritual self.

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