LPC Supervision

LPC Supervision and ACT Consultation

If you are interested in learning how to apply ACT РAcceptance and Commitment Therapy Рinto your clinical practice or are looking for a supervisor to support you on your way to gaining your LPC Рlicense as a professional counselor  РI can help. My goal as a supervisor is to support clinicians in developing a coherent, flexible, and skillful approach in their work with clients. Recognizing the nature of clinical work as being deeply relational and intimate, I challenge my supervisees to examine themselves in how they are working with their own mind and mood, while also helping them to articulate with greater clarity the theoretical approach that underlies their interventions.

I am primarily an ACT supervisor, which takes a functional contextualistic approach to the science of liberation from human suffering. This approach allows for a dynamic – and at times a seemingly eclectic – set of interventions to be applied judiciously and intelligently with respect to helping people move towards a life they would choose to live.

My work is about helping people stand with their values and act in accordance with how they would choose to be. This does not mean feeling good all the time, nor is it about making false promises of success. This being human is a dance where we learn how to turn our suffering and struggles into opportunities to develop wisdom, strength and compassion for ourselves and others. If you are a practicing clinician and would like to meet me to consult, please email me.

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